• Maria Sebastian

Daylight Dreams and Nighttime Thoughts

Good morning, loves!

I woke up today with my dream ringing clear in my mind.

Have you ever had an experience when the dream felt so real that you confused it with reality?

I do not often have such dreams, but when I do, they are forever stuck in my mind.

As you may know I'm working on a YA fantasy novel now. I spend a great chunk of my waking hours daydreaming about the characters and plots. It is the only way I get to see into the world that lives within my mind.

That is such a crazy concept though.

To have an entire world existing in your mind while nobody in the real world knows about it.

I see my characters live out their lives in my head and often get caught up in their emotions that sometimes reality feels more like fantasy to me.

The mundaneness of reality often smacks me right in the face. (But it is a comfortable reality ,for me personally, and I'm grateful for it.)

Back to dreams.

As someone who walks with a foot in the dreamland all the time, actual dreams are quieter for me. I suppose that might be my brain's way of coping with the overload of information.

However this means that when a dream stands out, it is scorched into my mind.

Today I had one such dream.

A dream that upon waking I realized is a great seed for the core idea of another book.

I wonder if I would have been creative enough to come up with it on my own in my conscious mind.

Yet, it was I who came up with it anyway, albeit in a twisted sense.

What does that say about me?

I find the human mind to be the most fascinating of everything known to mankind. Our entire being is tied to it, yet we know so little about it.

The Universe must be having a hearty laugh on our account.

I love that our minds are our own space. I'm not talking about our thoughts, because all thoughts are influenced by others.

I'm talking about the very space that our mind occupies. No matter how hard anyone tries they cannot enter that one sanctuary.

The place where we dream in broad daylight and think wrapped up in the thick blanket of weighted sleep.

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