• Maria Sebastian

How Reading Everyday Changed my Life. Again.

I've always loved books.

My father tells me that as kid, I used to ask for books and paints the way most kids ask for candy.

Up until class X I used to read so much that I usually completed a book per day.

And then I hit a wall.

It lasted nearly six years.

I couldn't read anything that was not directly related to my academic syllabus.

All that changed when the pandemic hit and I was forced to stay home from March.

(I say that as if it was some big torture, where as in reality these past seven months were the best ones of my adult life so far for my creative introvert self.)

I got bored of university work in approximately two seconds and started painting like a madwoman. In the first month I completed so many large oil paintings that I kind of burnt out.

I had to find something else to occupy my time.



I've always loved fantasy.

However I had already read almost all the physical books at my home and did not want to re-read them.

And I didn't have a Kindle back then.

So as any sane person would, I read on my phone (Completely ignoring the overpriced laptop that is a 360 degree convertible. As I said, very sane.)

I started with Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instrument series.

(Yup that series that every 12 year old used to read back in early 2000s.)

It was my best decision of a very long time.

Not because the series is wonderful ( it has a looooot of technical issues, but I love it nonetheless. I maybe biased.) but it made me read like a child again.

It reignited the sense of wonder that I used to get while reading when I was younger.

I was not reading to analyze every line, but to enjoy.

Reading for fun.

What an idea!

That series snowballed into me reading a continuous chain of fantasy books.

(I bought a Kindle after some time so that I wouldn't go completely blind.)

Fast forward two months and I had read nearly 50 fantasy books.

I was in my personal heaven.

I loved every minute of it.

Everything else took a backseat.

I was reading for nearly 10-15 hours daily.

And then it hit me that I should write a book.

Despite reading so many books that particular thought had never really crossed my mind. I used to write casually when I was younger but never with the intention of publishing what I wrote.

Suddenly I had a new sense of purpose.

One that made me wake up hours before my alarm went off.

One that made me happy.

All thanks to picking up a book again for the pure joy of reading.

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