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How to Outline a Book in 3 Steps

I'm such an extreme plotter that I look forward to outlining like a trip to the art store.

I love it!

In the past few days I outlined a new book, that I'm calling Project Ocean for convenience sake.

My process of outlining is pretty detailed.

1. I start by brainstorming my ideas.

I write down every single idea, thought, random bits of dialogue, characters sketches etc. that comes to my mins.

This is the best time to be creative.

This is not the time to hold back and worry if what you are jotting down is good or bad.

2. Combing through the ideas

This is the step where I look through my brainstorming session and pick out the ideas that stand out to me.

I might even group a couple of them together.

3. Structuring ideas

I use my favorite 3 Act story structure to arrange my ideas into a natural flow.

Having a story structure really helps in making sure that I don't miss any important story beat.

Some people believe that having a story structure kills creativity.

I disagree.

I think it adds on to your creativity. It gives you more time to be creative instead of stumbling along blindly.

There you have it.

My 3 easy steps ( As if! These steps take a lot of time and effort. But don't be discouraged. It is completely worth it.)

After this is done, I go ahead and fill out my character profiles.

I'll be posting a video about that next week.

Make sure you have subscribed to my YouTube channel to see that too.



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