• Maria Sebastian

On Taking Breaks: Different Rooms, Same House.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to take a break.

More often than not creatives run head first into creative blocks just as they think things are going pretty well. This usually happens right after a long stretch of pushing ourselves mentally and creatively.

Everything I love involves creative energy. No kidding. Everything.

This means that my brain is probably running on hyperpower everyday. And that is not always a great thing.

What I do to combat this is to concentrate on my energy levels.

I ask myself what I feel like doing each morning.

On some days my heart answers that it wants to paint.

On other days it is to write.

Many a days my mind cautions me of approaching deadlines.

I've devised a mechanism where I listen to both my heart and mind and then decide the day's activities.

I created a schedule for myself and try my best to stick to it.

Some things are mandatory on that schedule.

Like writing a blogpost immediately after I've woken up, every single day.

And so far so good.

The rest of my time is blocked into tasks, but they are also quite flexible.

I do not plan my day down to the very minute.

Instead I block in chunks of hours where I suggest to myself two things that often add up to the same goal that I can do during that time.

Eg: draft videos or edit videos

When the time comes, I choose the one that best suits my energy level.

This means that I do not paint or write everyday. I do it when I most feel like it, or when I cannot go any further without doing it.

I wrote 2000 words everyday for a month and half and I was on the verge of slightly burning out in the beginning of October.

So I immediately took a break from writing.

I worked on many other projects like painting and editing YouTube videos.

This way I'm not just whiling away my precious time.

This way I'm able to stay ahead of the writer's block.

I'm essentially recharging the part of my brain that was getting taut from all the writing by utilizing another part of my brain that paints.

Scientifically, both may be the same parts.

Yet in my mind they are different rooms in the same house.

And sometimes going into another room for a while after being in one room for a long time will be enough to refresh your mind and start anew.

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