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The Art of Accepting Unexpected Changes

Hello my loves!

I woke up today feeling the urge to write about random things. And that is exactly what I decided to do. From now I'm gonna try and post at least three blogposts every week about random musings and thoughts floating around in my head.

Today it's going to be about my experience with the art of accepting unexpected changes.

The pandemic hit us so hard in the face that most of us are still walking around blindly. I came home for a week from Delhi for my mid-semester holiday on March 11.

Today is October 11.

7 months.

Even as I promised the people who dropped me off at the airport that I'll see them in a week, something in my heart had warned me that I wouldn't. But I had no idea that it would turn out to be something as crazy as Covid.

I left Delhi with just a small carry-on suitcase, without saying goodbye to my flat that I had stayed in alone for two years. Being the complete introvert that I am, that flat had been my haven. My safe-place where I went in as a fidgety teen still working on social conditioning auto-pilot and came out as a twenty-year old woman with strong opinions and hard realizations.

I'll probably never be in that flat ever again.

And that is okay.

I've never been one to hold on to material things.

Heck, I'm not one to hold on to people either.

And that scares me sometimes.

But it was a personal boon when the hot mess called Covid-19 hit.

Suddenly I had all this free time to do things I loved without too many prior engagements.

The only thing expected out of me in the earlier months had been to prepare for my University Finals, but as that got postponed multiple times, I felt the constant itch to do something for myself.

Now, I acknowledge that I have been incredibly lucky. I am safe with my family in Kerala and we have not had to deal with any major hurdles that a lot of people had to face like life-threatening health issues and loosing their jobs. I wholeheartedly acknowledge my privileged position in this whole spectrum of cause-effects.

However, that does not mean that I was exempted from the far reaches of the pandemic.

I had two choices in front of me.

To while away me time or to do something productive.

I understand that productivity is overrated more times than not.

The pressure to be productive causes so much stress in a lot of people. However, I've always been the kind of person who thrives under the pressure of being productive. Productivity is my way of coping.

This works only because I know my limits and I make sure to not overexert myself. I believe it will be counter-productive otherwise.

The seven months home made me practice the art of accepting unexcepted changes. In my case I welcomed it. I know that it is considered blasphemy to speak even a tiny bit positive about this downtime we have had, but shoot me, I think we have enough negativity going on around as it is.

The moment I accepted the change was the moment new doors opened for me. I started reading books again for the fun of it. And that ultimately led me to start writing my own book, which in turn gave way to the birth of this blog and my YouTube channel. I painted several large works and branched out into different mediums.

Now I'm more busy than I have ever been in my life and I'm thoroughly enjoying everything. From building a website all my myself to scripting, shooting and editing videos I've learned so much within the past seven months.

Would I have taken the time to do all these things if life hadn't pressed a pause button?

I'll never know, but I strongly believe that the Universe responds to our hearts deepest and clearest desires.

And maybe this is the beginning of becoming the Maria whom I had wanted to be all along.



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